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"Yes Petra… I’m Ready To Become The Multiple Six Figure Business Owner Who I Already KNOW That I’m Destined To Be… And I’m Ready To Become Her NOW, Unapologetically, And Finally Start Living The Moneyed Life That I Was Born For!” 

Are you the kind of woman refuses to settle for less, isn’t scared to admit that you LOVE making money, and makes no secret of the fact that complete financial freedom is one of your BIG goals?  

Do you cringe to high heaven when you see others with zero desire for anything more than just paying the bills, just getting by - all in the name of ‘doing the work they love’, when you KNOW that you won’t – no, you REFUSE – to stop until you’ve created a rich, affluent lifestyle from your message?  

Are you already making already making decent money from your business each month, but deep down know that your big breakthrough is long overdue?  

How would it feel to finally have everything you need right at your fingertips to make £10,000-£50,000+ months your new norm, and have a rinse and repeat system that’s practically GUARANTEED to skyrocket you to the massive impact, income, and life that you truly desire?  

If you’d like that? Then I hope that you’ll read every single word of this letter very, very carefully.  

Because your answer to my next question has the power to bring your current life to a screaming halt, and skyrocket you into a whole new realm of riches and success…  

Do You Have The Guts To Finally Accept That The Guru Advice May Have Gotten You So Far, But It’s NOT Going To Get You Any Further Than Where You Are Right Now?  

Really though, are you?  

Because most people simply aren’t.  

Most people are busy following the painting-by-numbers advice that hundreds of so-called business coaches are regurgitating again and again.  

Some of them are creating moderate levels of success, for sure.  

They’re building their lists, enrolling some clients, launching solution after solution, and sometimes even getting close to creating that elusive 5-figure month.  

But here’s the thing…  

That kind of advice is DESIGNED to keep you stuck in mediocrity. It’s designed to keep you tasting brief glimpses of a breakthrough, only to be knocked right back down the following month when you realise that it just can’t be replicated again and again. It’s designed to keep you buying course after course, lining the pockets of those at the top of game, whilst you have to settle for the crumbs.  

It’s a message that they won’t tell you upfront – of course! – but it’s one that reinforces the idea that you must just get by, whilst they thrive.  

It’s a cycle that’s all too easy to get stuck in, and the cold, hard truth is that most people will never escape from it.  

For most people, it’s enough.  

And if you’re one of them? You can stop reading right now, because I have nothing for you here.  

But the fact that you’re here tells me a different story.  

You’re not the kind to follow the herd and be kept in your box.  

You’re not the kind to settle down and convince yourself that just getting by is anywhere near good enough for you.  

It’s no secret that just a select few women will ever truly dominate online, and I suspect that you’re just like me.  

You’re ballsy enough to demand prosperous growth, on repeat, and you’re ready to do what it takes to get there.  

Yes, I’m known for helping my clients to make their first 5-figures within just 6 weeks of working with me.  

But can you even begin to imagine what you’ll achieve when I take you by the hand for 6 full months?  

Introducing Moneyed Mastermind…  

The exclusive 4-month immersive growth experience for a small, carefully curated circle of women who are ready to go ALL IN and become the multiple 6-figure business owners they were born to be, and unapologetically live their moneyed life.  


Working closely with me for four months, you’ll be handed the key to explode your income, make £10,000-£50,000+ months your new normal, and become the seriously wealthy, in-demand business owner that you’ve always aspired to be


Here’s what they have to say…. 

Denika went on to make $63,000 after recording this video

" I closed a client $36,000 plus 15%commission

" I made 13 sales in 3 days working with Petra"

"I enrolled my first £15,000 client”

"I booked 3 high end clients after one session"

"I made $14,500 in 5 weeks and created my first group coaching programme"

"Enrolled premium clients, ditched my 9-5 corporate job, increased my fees"

"Petra is extraordinary, I made $24,000 in my business 

"I'm now charging premium prices with Confidence, Petra changed my life"

During Moneyed Mastermind experience, you’ll have

  • - QUADRUPLED your current fees, and be enrolling all the premium 1:1 clients that you could ever want or need (in fact, you’ll have no choice but to be turning some people away)  
  • - Ran your own high-converting challenge, and have a rinse-and-repeat system for effortlessly enrolling your dream clients on to your signature premium group programme solution  
  • - Ditched that dreaded feast or famine cycle, and have made £10,000-£50,000+ months your new normal, as well as your springboard for your first multiple 6-figure year  
  • - Dominated your industry and become known as the can’t-live-without coach or consultant for the people who are deadly serious about changing their own lives  
  • - Mastered the art of selling, and always know EXACTLY what to say to get a big fat YES from all the best clients  
  • - Cracked the high-level, wildly effective marketing strategies that the gurus are currently using against you – and NOT teaching you, regardless of what they might say – so you’re never again distracted by ten-a-penny shiny objects that only ever create mediocre results  
  • - Overcome any worry or hesitation that you might have about ‘being visible’ online, and have unshakeable confidence in the knowledge that you were born for this – even if you’ve currently got some secret hang-ups about sharing your message  
  • - Built your small but perfectly formed team of experts who will support you in your journey to extreme wealth and a prosperous life, so you are only ever operating from your zone of genius and are no longer trying to do everything yourself (the importance of this CANNOT be overestimated, and is critical to your success)  
  • - Become ridiculously powerful on social media, stepped fully into being the face of your brand, and turned believers into buyers (and know how to do the same, over and over again)  
  • - Smashed any underlying mindset blocks you have around creating and receiving extreme wealth, so you can live your moneyed life on purpose and never again self-sabotage your success  
  • - Stepped into the moneyed life that you know that you have always been destined for, and know that you’ll never, ever again have to settle for anything less than what you deserve  
  • The sole purpose of Moneyed Mastermind is for YOU to achieve prosperous growth and live the wealthy life that you’re destined for.  

Why Me? Because By Now, You’re So Done With All The Nonsense…  

You want CERTAINTY - The Certainty Method  

This is the foundation of absolutely everything else, and it's what will get you off the income rollercoaster for good. You'll be certain that you'll consistently hear YES from your dream clients, certain of your income, and certain that 6 figures in 6 months is exactly what you'll achieve  

I’m Petra Foster, the client enrollment strategist, and I’m known for helping my clients to enroll high-end clients with joy, confidence, and ease, and claim the prosperous lives they deserve.  

I do this by cutting through the nonsense (listen, you DO NOT need to launch ten times a year, you do not need a complicated sales funnel, and you don’t need the latest bright shiny object) and handing women the real key to big riches and success.  

Quite simply, I’m different. And I’m exactly what you need right now if you’re ready for your big breakthrough.  

This Is Exactly What You Get…  

- 12x1:1 calls with my team

These is where your big breakthroughs will really happen – I’ll support you, challenge you, and keep you accountable.  

- Complete step-by-step guidance on creating your highly profitable, rinse and repeat challenge marketing system that will generate all the leads and sales you will ever need  

Most people teach you how to run launches. That approach does NOT create the wealth or freedom that you really crave. With me, you’ll build a simple but effective marketing strategy that you’ll use time and time again to facilitate your multiple 6 figure year, and you’ll be able to generate big lump sums of cash whenever you desire.  

- Wealthy Webinars training  

You’ll discover exactly how to create a webinar that translates into dozens of discovery calls being booked in your diary. You’ll be amazed at how simple it can be to give a presentation that builds your business and your wealth every single time you choose to run it.  

- Objection Handling training  

How often do you hear things like ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I need to speak to my partner?’ These objections can kill your closing rate, but they definitely don’t have to be the end of the road. I’ll show you precisely what to say when you hear the most common objections, so you can still get a big YES on almost every discovery call you have.  

- Use Video To Dominate & Build Your Brand training  

I’ll show you how to book discovery calls directly from video, straight out the gate. I’m against complicated funnels, and for anything that creates massive results in your business. Video – when you get it right – is one of these things. With me, you’ll master video so you never again have to worry about the lack of discovery calls in your diary.  

But That’s Not All…  

Being a successful solopreneur is a complete myth.  

I’m happy to hold my hands up and admit that a big factor in my success is that I have a close-knit team of experts around me who help me to operate at the exceptionally high level that I do.  

As part of Moneyed Mastermind, you’ll be building your own dream team.  

But whilst you do that?  

You’ll have complete access to my team of professionals who will be on hand to give you tailored, specific advice that will put you on the fast track to those consistent HIGH 5 FIGURE MONTHS 

These women are part of my secret toolkit, and money literally cannot buy access to them.  

They’re highly in demand in their industries, are behind so many big success stories, they charge PREMIUM fees, and they’re booked out months in advance.  

But they’ll be guiding you every step of the way in Moneyed Mastermind, and you’ll have no-holds-barred access to their expertise…  

When you join me in this deeply transformational programme, you will discover… 

  • How to create your roadmap to high-ticket success by carefully crafting a premium package offer that delivers transformative change for your clients… This is the ESSENTIAL but often missed foundation that will give you the confidence and the framework from which to sell 
  •  The 6-point step-by-step system that you can implement in your business right away to get big results, fast. In fact, when you follow my lead, you’ll be booking high-end clients within just 42 days, WITHOUT spending a penny on advertising 
  • How to position yourself as the go-to leader, who all the best clients just can’t wait to work with 
  • The precise and exact components of $3k+ packages that will have your potential clients whipping their credit cards out before you’ve even got them on the phone 
  • The word-for-word Formula's that allow you to sell on the phone without ever feeling pushy, sleazy, or manipulative 
  • How to effortlessly overcome even the trickiest of objections, so the only time you WON’T close a sale is if YOU decide that you don’t want to work with THEM! 
  • How to master the sales strategies that will scale your business to 6-figures and beyond, even if you’re currently charging by the hour and are struggling to see a way out 


You’ll get Immediate access to...


 Most people teach you how to run launches. That approach does NOT create the wealth or freedom that you really crave. With me, you’ll build a simple but effective marketing strategy that you’ll use time and time again to facilitate your multiple 6-figure year, and you’ll be able to generate big lump sums of cash whenever you desire.  

You’ll get complete step-by-step guidance on creating your highly profitable, rinse and repeat challenge marketing system that will generate all the leads and sales you will ever need. 

In fact, you’ll have the secrets to making sales from DAY ONE of your challenges.  

This will be your springboard for selling out your high-ticket elite mastermind or group programme, so you can escape feast or famine for good.  

It’s the exact process that I personally used to generate over £100,000 of sales in 6 months – with just a tiny email list and no celebrity status in my niche - and you’ll soon be implementing it in your own business.  



Once we’ve packaged your expertise so it’s irresistible for your ideal clients, and you’re regularly enrolling high-end clients with joy and ease, it’s time to take things up a notch and ensure that you’re leveraging your message. 

In this bonus training, you’ll discover absolutely everything you need to know about creating a simple (but HUGELY effective) 2-step sales funnel. We’ll craft your high-value webinar session, and set it up so it runs on autopilot, and brings new leads into your business while you sleep. 

Some people say that you can’t build a strong business model if you’re only doing one-to-one work. That’s completely untrue if you’re selling premium packages! You DO need to make sure though that you have solid systems that support your business model. 

This session is the cherry on the cake, and ensures that you can quickly scale to 6-figures! 

A solid webinar presentation is something that you can use time and time again to book discovery calls in your diary and have a constant flow of people banging down your virtual doors to work with you.  

The trouble is that most people fail with webinars because they’re structuring and delivering them the WRONG way.  

We’ll craft your high-value webinar session, and set it up so it runs on autopilot, and brings new leads into your business while you sleep.  

I’ll be showing you exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to deliver it, so it turns browsers into buyers time and time again.  

This is a KEY element in your multi 6-figure business model, and it’s an asset that once you’ve created, will continue to rake in big profits for you for YEARS to come.  




Do you hear the same old objections again and again and again on your discovery calls? Are you sick and tired of getting off the phone and knowing that you -- yet again! --didn't manage to overcome the sticking points that you've heard WAY too many times already?  

In this video training series, I show you exactly what to say to make those objections a thing of the past - so you can take your prospects beyond those sticking points, and repeatedly close the deal there and then.  

We'll look at the responses that you need in your kit when it comes to...  

"I need to think about it"  

"I'm speaking to other people"  

"I can't afford it"  

and 'I need to speak to my partner"  

How To Effortlessly Overcome Objections On Your Discovery Calls – Video Series The truth here is that hearing these things on your calls does NOT have to mean that it's game over. You just need to know how to get the call back on track and show your prospects that sitting on the fence is definitely not the right option for them. These sessions will be your icing on the cake when it comes to consistently enrolling your premium clients!  


  • I’ve created Sales in 6 Mastery so I can share with you the exact blueprint that you need to follow to master your client enrollment processes once and for all, dramatically elevate your earnings, and finally break through as the highly-paid leader that you know, deep down, that you deserve to be.  
  • You’ll unlock my wildly effective step-by-step process for crafting your $3k+ premium coaching or consulting packages that you’ll sell with total joy, confidence, and ease… Even if right now, that sounds completely out of the realms of possibility!  
  • I’ve created my signature blueprint that has taken dozens of my clients from fear and uncertainty, to actually ENJOYING the sales process and the endless benefits that it can bring.  
  • By merging my enrollment mastery techniques with their boundless passion for their work, they have a constant stream of dream clients who pay them handsomely for their services, and are an absolute pleasure to work with!  
  • With Sales in 6 Mastery, you can do the same. I’ll be working with you intimately because I know you've had enough of ‘just getting by’, and who are ready to undergo some seriously strategic change. 

And that's not all! This programme is your COMPLETE blueprint for scaling to 6-figures and beyond, which is exactly why you'll get access to these additional bonuses that will create the framework for EVERYTHING you do in 2018.... 

If you've found yourself dipping in out of other courses and programmes, and always feeling like you need something MORE to create those big breakthroughs that you're looking for, that can stop right here....


Can you imagine being able to fill your diary with all the right people, through the power of the words that you share online? 

In this session, you’ll discover the insider copywriting tactics for establishing your expert status, becoming a trusted authority in your niche, and magnetically attracting a steady stream of discovery calls. 

From the psychological hacks that command attention, to telling a story that sucks your readers in, to structuring your Facebook posts so every single line gets read, you'll never have to stare at a blank screen wondering what to say ever again. 

You'll also leave with your own 'swipe and steal' file of copywriting prompts and tricks that you can implement right away. 

About Ruth...

Ruth Hinds is the copy and conversions strategist and she’ll be helping you to create awesome emails, social media content, and simple but hugely profitable funnels that cram your business full of all the high paying clients, on repeat. She’ll show you EXACTLY what to say in all your marketing materials, so you have a completely unfair advantage over your so-called competitors (though honestly, after a few months in Moneyed Mastermind, they won’t even be on your radar anymore). Ruth helps you to write copy that converts – even if you hate writing and think that you just can’t do it.  



Amanda Maynard is our get unstuck coach, and she’ll quickly kick you into touch and ensure that you get out of your own way, smash through the mindset blocks that you didn’t even know you had, and take big, bold, and consistent action when it comes to executing on your dreams. 

She strikes just the right balance between ass-kicking and support (which let’s face it – is what we all need), and will be sharing with you her mindset toolkit that will be integral in you stepping into your moneyed life.  


  • Making sure your pixel is set up correctly.
  • Create custom audiences like website visitors and page engagement to get in front of warm audiences
  • Create a landing page that coverts cold traffic at 50% +.
  • Create custom conversions so you know exactly how many people came from Facebook ads and at what cost
  • Nail your targeting research so Facebook serves your ads to your ideal audience
  • Choose images that stop people from scrolling and get a super high 4%-7% CTR (click through rate)
  • Set up website conversion ad campaigns inside the ads manager
  • Know how to split test the right way. This is critical.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot: Knowing what to do when the ads are not working.

About Marya… 

She is passionate about helping coaches, experts and course creators grow fully aligned, highly profitable businesses with Facebook Ads on small budgets.  

She has worked with numerous private clients and helped them to generate high five figure months and 6 figure launches. Her clients has generated multi 7 figures in revenue.  

Calculate how much you need to spend on Facebook Ads to reach your revenue goals.


Moneyed Mastermind is for you, IF:  

  • You’re already enrolling clients at £2k+, but nowhere near as consistently as you’d like to be  
  • You’re an expert in your field and you have unshaking confidence in your ability to create life-changing results for your clients (it would quite simply be unethical for me to give you this opportunity to dominate your industry and create big, unapologetic wealth otherwise – this is the most powerful stuff that you will EVER learn, and has the ability to change your reality, forever – so please understand that I MUST ask that you are an expert)  
  •  You want to move away from tiring 1:1 work, but you completely accept that low-ticket membership programmes are NOT the way to go, and you’re ready to be the leader who effortlessly sells out high end group programmes and elite masterminds, as a matter of course  
  • You’re done with bright shiny objects and being sold the so-called missing pieces of the puzzle, and you’re ready to discover and implement advanced marketing strategies that only a select few will ever have access to  
  • You’re an action taker who is ready, willing, and able to get down to work and carefully follow all my instructions. This will be a VERY intensive six months that we spend together, and you’ll be completely revolutionising everything you do in your business  
  • You unashamedly LOVE making money, and you have no desire to just get by, to just pay the bills, or to be just another option in your niche  


Can You Imagine Finally Becoming A Multiple Six Figure Business Owner And Unapologetically Living Your Moneyed Life? 

Within just 6 months you will have proven system so you can effortlessly sell retreats, coaching, group programmes, and masterminds at a minimum of $3000-$10,00o

Imagine… NEVER having to go through the stressful ‘launch’ process that you’ve been taught ever again, and instead having a rinse and repeat system to make large sums of money for the rest of your life, without constantly reinventing new solutions  

Imagine… being in the position where the biggest ‘headache’ you have about hiring a cleaner or a nanny isn’t about whether you can afford it – it’s who to choose to fill the position!  

The uncomfortable truth here is that 99.7% of online business owners will never reach this position.  

But right now, you have an important choice to make…  

Are you bold enough to live the moneyed life?  

Places in Moneyed Mastermind are very strictly limited, and I can only take 20 women through this experience.  

You will be challenged. You will be stretched. You’ll be forced to question everything that you consider normal, and step into a radical new way of not just running your business, but living your life. You’ll also be lovingly supported every step of the way.  

Due to the nature of Moneyed Mastermind, membership is by application only. So this is what you need to do next…  

Click the button below, and select a time in my diary for your decision-making call.  

You and I will jump on the phone together, and together, we’ll decide whether this is right for you.  

Here's what just a few of my clients have been saying about me lately

April Hoover Saunders
The Love Carb Coach

Before I started working with Petra, I would always be conscious of how much time I would spend with clients - it was such a drain on my energy as an expert as I tried to help my clients within these constraints. 

After working with Petra I change my brand message and tripling my rates, I enrolled my first premium client of $3000 within only 8 days

I now spend as much time as I need to with my clients - which makes them so happy and makes sure they get the results they are looking for. I love it! It's an amazing feeling!


When I first started working with Petra, I knew I wanted to earn more and charge my worth, I knew I had a lot to offer, but I was scared of asking for a higher fee and I had only charged by the hour up until that point. I also struggled to fully embrace that I was an energy healer who offered shamanic healing alongside my traditional Psychology training. I was scared of really putting myself out there.  

Now, I feel so much more confident and excited to show my full self, to really offer what my Soul wants and to believe in myself as the Expert. I enrolled my first Premium Package client less than half-way through the programme, and I feel so much clearer about what I am offering and how to charge for it. I also have much more clarity about the practical steps I need to take to create, brand, sell and market my Premium Package offerings, and how to do all of that.  

The things I particularly appreciated about Petra have been her enthusiasm, energy and support, as well as the high amount of value she packs into her training sessions. She created a supportive Facebook group community and kept checking on all of us and our progress, in a supportive, yet motivating way. If you have the chance, I highly recommend also having a few one-to-one coaching sessions with her as I gained a lot from her individualised support, on top of the group programme. If you are ready to commit to yourself, and want a training that doesn't beat around the bush and gets you focused, active and moving towards your goals, then Sales in 6 is for you!

OMG people, I just closed another client for January. 

I had an end of year offer for $4500 for 3 months, if they signed up by Dec 31 (my package is $6000).

I'm in shock!! 20 mins into our discovery call he said, "OK, let's get going" and I almost didn't know what he was talking about. Duh. I'm so excited I think I"m going to have to run around the block to burn off some energy. #wootwoot!

I appreciate the amount of effort you place into my success. Although I was in a group, I felt as if I was your top priority and I'm certain the others also felt that way. You helped me find my direction, create my image and send it out to the world with unmeasurable success. 

Thank you and the group from the bottom of my heart. I truly feel blessed. (Oh and I've already received my return of investment that I've made with you twice over and it's only week 4 of 6.) Many blessings to you Petra Foster


I won’t be able to make it to some of the live sessions – does this matter? 

I recommend that you make every effort to tune in live so you can take the most possible value away, and get your questions answered.. I understand that you have other commitments though, so this might not always be possible. All sessions are recorded, and you’ll have instant access so you can catch up in your own time. 

I’ve done online programmes before, and never finished them. Is this right for me? 

The trouble with some online programmes is that you’re bombarded with a whole load of information, you end up feeling overwhelmed, and you get left behind. This is precisely what ISN’T going to happen in Moneyed Mastermind! You’ll be supported every step of the way in our intimate private community, and I’ll be on hand to make sure that you’re making progress and overcoming your obstacles. 

Will I get any personal support? 

Definitely. This is not your typical mastermind where you pay your cash, get your materials, and then have to just get on with it and work out all the intricacies on your own. Sometimes, the strategy itself is not enough. You need an experienced consultant who can get you back on the right track when you’re stuck. This is why I’m only taking a small group of women through this programme. 

Is there a refund policy? 

No refunds will be given. If you follow the exact steps that I show you, you absolutely WILL have created results within just 6 weeks! 

Q. Why is there an application process? Can I not just join straightaway?  

A. Moneyed Mastermind quite simply isn’t for everyone, so I need to be selective about who I allow through the doors. My client success rate is extremely important to me, and I need to protect it by making sure that we only have the right people on the journey.  

Q. What will happen during my call with you?  

A. We’ll take a look at your business, where you are right now, and the next logical steps for you. The call is about making sure you know exactly what Moneyed Mastermind will involve, and making a mutual decision about whether it’s right for you.  

Q. Will you be helping me to build a sales funnel?  

A. Yes, but probably not in the way you’re imagining, and definitely not in the way that you’ve previously been taught. You will be creating a simple and straightforward sales funnel – the Moneyed Mastermind way – and you’ll be booking discovery calls directly from video.  

Q. I’m tired of 1:1 work. Will you help me to escape that?  

A. Yes. By the end of Moneyed Mastermind, you’ll only be working with premium 1:1 clients (if you so desire) and you’ll also have created your high-ticket elite mastermind or group programme.  

Q. I’m not a coach – will this still work for me?  

A. Moneyed Mastermind is for service-based businesses. This includes coaches, consultants, and those offering services such as web design, ad management, copywriting, and more.  



I’m Petra Foster, client enrollment strategist and master of selling premium packages. I work with talented and passionate female coaches and consultants to help them to skyrocket their earnings and sell their solutions with joy, confidence, and ease. 

I earn muliple 6-figures a year from doing the work that I love, and my clients do the same. You don’t need a celebrity-style status, thousands of email subscribers, or even a huge social media following to position yourself as the go-to expert who dream clients just can’t wait to work with. What you DO need is to finally master the art and science of selling high ticket services, and ensure that you’re applying the strategies that will guarantee your results. This is exactly what I’m going to show you in this intimate 6-month programme. 

I can’t wait to welcome you to Moneyed Mastermind… Your business will never be the same again!